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Community ENTASYS 200™ Line-Array.

The new Community ENTASYS 200 redefines performance for small format column line array loudspeakers by utilizing a two-way design, complex frequency shaded LF crossover networks, and the proprietary “ENTASYS” convex-curve HF to provide unrivaled intelligibility, output, and consistent beamwidth up to 16kHz.

ENTASYS 200 is a versatile family of attractive, affordable, easy-to-install two-way column line-array loudspeakers for indoor and outdoor use.

There are four ENTASYS 200 models ranging from the smaller ENT203 and ENT206, designed for delay fill and confined spaces, to the larger ENT212, and the extended-length ENT220, tall enough to provide solid control of the LF beamwidth without the need for additional columns or external LF extensions. All four models have well-controlled and consistent dispersion characteristics, minimizing the reflections that hinder intelligibility and performance. ENTASYS 200 loudspeakers have the sonic definition, intelligibility, and output needed to directly replace point-and-shoot loudspeakers in many applications.

Usable both indoors and out, each ENTASYS 200 model can fulfill an exceptionally wide range of applications. All models include a 70V / 100V internal low-distortion autoformer for constant-voltage applications and a pan-and-tilt mounting bracket.

Like the original groundbreaking three-way ENTASYS column, the new ENTASYS 200 loudspeakers are attractively designed in an architectural compact shape and can be ordered in black or white finishes.

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IV6-118S Single 18-Inch Subwoofer

The IV6-118S is a high power 1 x 18" compact, direct-radiating subwoofer designed to complement the full range IV6-1122 elements in any array configuration with deep, impactful low frequency support. Large, balanced ports provide optimal enclosure tuning and even air pressure distribution to the driver cone, reducing distortion and extending system longevity. A FEA-optimized ferrite motor with long linear excursion capabilities provides deep bass response for the enclosure’s size. With 800W @ 8 Ohms of continuous power handling (80V), the IV6-118S subwoofer can be conveniently driven by the same size power amplifier as the IV6-1122 full-range array elements.

Watch Community ENTASYS200™ Line-Array System on YouTube

New Product
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Community ENTASYS™ Line-Array.

The ENTASYS™ three-way, full-range column-line-array loudspeaker system delivers true line-array performance in a compact weather-resistant package. Designed for permanent installation applications including auditoria, airports and train stations, conference centers, houses of worship, stadium concourses and museums.

ENTASYS offers high output and high power handling capability that outperforms comparable systems, boasting multiple low frequency, midrange and high frequency drivers for the most consistent coverage available, delivering a uniform, constant vertical beamwidth from 800 Hz to 16 kHz.

Each ENTASYS full-range column includes six low frequency neodymium drivers, eighteen 2.35-inch midrange drivers and six 7-inch long x 1-inch wide planar-coupled patent-pending Compact Ribbon Emulator (CRE) high frequency elements.

ENTASYS is designed to be modular, allowing the installer to use multiple ENTASYS full-range columns and low frequency extension columns to create extremely narrow focused vertical coverage previously only possible using powered, steered arrays. For additional low frequency extension, use Community’s VLF, VERIS, iBOX or SBS subwoofers.

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Watch Community ENTASYS™ Line-Array System on YouTube

Community PA Rigs for Hire
Cummunity Hire Rig

In addition to various managed and unmanaged Community PA rigs for hire for indoor and outdoor events we own a large Managed Community PA Rig (up to 48000 Watts RMS) for indoor and outdoor events.

Our Community flying rig comes complete with scaffolding, equipment platforms, canvas covers, staging, a lighting rig with trusses and AV and can cover events ranging from large open air music festivals, Imbezo's (Government meetings with people), Fashion Shows, Trade Shows, Gospel and Corporate Events to any large outdoor or indoor event.

We evaluate every site and undertake to discuss all your requirements with you well in advance. We optimize the system for every event, we deliver, erect and manage it for the duration and dismantle it upon completion.

Professional Consultation & Acoustic Measurement

We consult on a wide basis for professional audio installations, speaker placement and installation and our knowledge is widely sought in challenging audio environments. We will perform acoustic measurements and provide solutions for optimizing new and existing audio installation to achieve optimum audio performance.

Specialized Computers for the Audio Recording Environment
Recording Computers

We build high standard Microsoft based PC’s for recording studios that are very demanding in terms of performance. We can provide, install and configure a wide variety of sound cards and peripherals depending on the number of channels required.

We have a knowledge base of a wide variety of Audio Recording software solutions such as Sonar and Cubase. We will put the entire system together including multi-monitor setups and monitor speakers.

We offer up to 32 channel digital live recordings at any events that can be further mixed down and mastered at an associated recording studio. These audio recordings can be accompanied by video recording with associated professionals to provide end products such as DVD’s of an event.

Tell us what you would like to do and we'll build it for you!

Concert Audio is BEE compliant and we are listed on the DTI website with BEE reference No. BEE8696360

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